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Yoga Spinner Game
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Yoga Spinner Game

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Put your body to the test as you spin and collect to win!

Divide the colorful cards into separate piles and then make sure you have plenty of space to move around (and, possibly, tumble).

It's up to you to collect a card of every color by means of your own yoga-master skills!

On your turn, spin the spinner to decide what to do:

Color match - Take a card from the deck matching the color the spinner landed on. But don't celebrate too soon! If you want to keep the card, you have to hold the illustrated pose for at least TEN seconds!

Steal a card - You get to select any card from the player to your right. Do you have the skills to strike the same pose as your friend?

Partner up - With this card, everybody gets to play at once. These poses require TWO people!

Opponent's choice - Your opponents get to choose which pose to give you - You don't know what's coming!

Lose a card - Your opponent's get to choose which of your cards to return to the bottom of the deck. There's a reason this one has a sad face - "Hey! I worked so hard to get that!"

Player's choice - This is the best if you're one card away from winning. You get to pick any card you want!

Keep on spinning, posing, and playing for as long as it takes - The first player to collect a card in all four colors wins!

Active, intuitive, and thrillingly healthy for every-"body", the Yoga Spinner game is a brilliant way to strengthen physical skills through play, rain or shine.

Yoga Spinner
  • Game of striking real yoga poses to collect cards and win
  • Encourages gross motor skills, exercise, coordination, strength, flexibility, cooperative play
  • It's going to take a good mix of skill and luck to win, but no matter what, you'll have plenty of real yoga fun!
  • Spin the spinner to determine your move
  • Land on colors to try Yoga poses and collect cards - You have to hold each pose for at least 10 seconds
  • White section requires everyone to partner up and try a 2-person pose together
  • Land on steal a card to choose a card from player to your right, land on lose a card for opponents to take away one card
  • Opponent's choice lets opponents choose which card you have to try
  • Player's choice - You get to choose which card to try!
  • First player to collect a card from all 4 colors (red, blue, green, white) wins
  • Includes 54 Yoga Pose Cards, spinner (stores cards when not in play)
  • Detailed game rules and instructions included
  • Spinner measures 5.5 inches in diameter

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