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Robot Turtles
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Robot Turtles

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Give your preschooler one of the most important skills of the modern world.

Labeled as the most backed board game in KickStarter history, Robot Turtles is a revolutionary learning tool designed to teach preschoolers the fundamentals of computer programing.

The ultimate goal? Get your robot turtle to the matching-colored jewel. There is no single winner - Just like real programming, the fun is in the process!

Before the game begins, you take on the role of the Turtle Mover while the kids become Turtle Masters.

Your job is to move the turtles and make funny robo-turtle noises as the kids tell you what to do using their code cards.

Set up the board by placing the turtles in each corner respective to their players with the jewels in the center respective to their color-matched turtles.

Each player is given a bug token and five piles of cards - two of which will only be used for later, more advanced games. These are the code cards that determine which way your turtle moves:

Left turn, right turn, step forward, shoot laser, or use function frog. (The laser will be used to get through obstacles and the function frog is used for writing more complex codes)

On each Turtle Master's turn, they choose a code card and lay it down in front of them in line with the code cards they've already played.

Once they've played their code card, the Turtle Mover moves that Turtle Master's turtle according to the code card they played. (And don't forget to make funny noises!)

It's like you're the computer and they're the programers! If the code card they played moved them in a direction they didn't like, they can tap their Bug token and yell "Bug!" - Then they get to redo their turn.

Players continue taking turns until all the turtles have made it to their jewels. The players who get there first get to cheer on the others and give them hints to help them out!

It's an all out collaborative learning party!

Once the players start to figure out the game more and more, slowly add the unlockables to create obstacles and more complex coding solutions.

Eventually, you can even have the Turtle Masters create their entire code before ever moving the turtles!

In a world run by computers, the most important skill is learning how to control them. Give your kids the ultimate head start with Robot Turtles.

Robot Turtles
  • Board game for teaching preschoolers basic coding concepts
  • Encourages fine motor skills, logic, confidence, programing skills
  • Most backed board game in KickStarter history
  • Kids create code sequences to move a turtle toward a jewel
  • For basic play - only one code card played per turn
  • There is no single winner - game ends when all turtles have reached jewels
  • 4 turtles can play - red Pi, blue Beep, pink Dot, green Pangle
  • 3 types of obstacles for advanced games - ice wall, wall, crate
  • Ice wall can be destroyed with laser code card - players must move around other obstacles
  • Function frog turns sequence of cards into a single card
  • 4 levels of play - basic game, unlock obstacles and lasers, unlock "write program", unlock function frog
  • Includes game board, 4 robot turtle tiles, 4 jewel tiles, 36 obstacle tiles, 4 bug tiles, 4 code card decks (44 cards each)
  • Detailed instructions and rules included
  • Parent participation required (You can't program without a computer!)

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